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Get Dashboards & Metrics That Matter

Stop guessing, start leveraging data insights
Our Story

We are two award-winning professionals, passionate with data and analytics who worked in the best companies in Silicon Valley.

Our Vision

We want to democratize analytics to eveyone and share with you the most top-level data insights, previously only reserved for big companies.


We use the more inovative tools on the market to give you the best results and the more valuable dashboards.

Who are we

How it works


Our unique skillset helps you get the best of your data and harness for you the power of analytics. We leverage your internal data with market intelligence to give you powerful insights and highlights on true market opportunities. We focus on Spend Analytics, Contract Analytics, and Risk Management


Our pre-built dashboards are suited for your data. Once set up, it will clearly and accurately present your the most important metrics for opportunity valuation.

For everyone

You want to grow your skills and become data-driven? We put our knowledge at your service and offer training on the latest BI tools on the market.

How it works

"Data and analytics will become the centerpiece of enterprise strategy, focus and investment"


Meet The Team

The Team

Galla Pupel


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Galla Pupel is a certified Business Intelligence Expert and Data Analyst, She led the Platform Business Intelligence team at Ivalua, while it became the French e-procurement software Unicorn valued at more than $1billion. She worked with Fortune 500 companies to transform their core objectives into key metrics. 

CERT-Associate-Data-Analyst-600x600 (1).

Elias Chedid

Co- Founder

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Elias Chedid, Senior Data Analyst at Shipt, worked for Amazon and developed Python and R algorithms for predictive analysis. His advanced quantitative skills give him the knowledge to measure, analyze and score the resultant data in the most efficient way.


Julien Brosse


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Julien is a Blockchain Entrepreneur and a Ph.D. student in intellectual property. He is the COO of IPOCAMP, an online deposit and certification service in the blockchain.

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